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Welcome to the ‘Antiques’ category! Here at PrairieGrit, we love to make it easier for you to sell items of rich, historical value. We recommend that you give your listings a description that will show potential buyers the history of your item. Create a story that will cause a viewer to become invested in the antiques you are selling! The word ‘Antique’ literally means ‘old’, or ‘ancient’ in Latin. It is an item that is valued for its historical appeal, and is typically aged past 100 years. Although most antiques are considered collectibles, not all collectibles are considered antiques! An antique is known for its age and rarity, whereas a collectible can be anything that is deemed worthy of collecting. Your antiques represent history, a certain time frame that tells a story! They are wonderful ways to invest in a younger generation, giving them something that is proof of where you’ve been or what you’ve seen. Collecting antiques is akin to writing a storybook from which you can read to anyone that has the desire to hear the tales of a time long ago! An item that has survived so many years– often cared for by many owners– must have some attributes that distinguish it from other ordinary objects. A great deal of craftsmanship can be seen in true antiques, which is an indicator that the item was made to last. You can figure out a lot about an object simply by looking at how it’s made! The antiques’ age, the place it was made, and sometimes the maker who made it can be derived from looking at the intricate ways the item was crafted. There are a plethora of places where you can find all sorts of different kinds of antiques. You can find antiques at garage/yard sales, auctions, estate sales, flea markets, etc. At these events you might encounter numerous items that look antique but are, in fact, made to look antique so that they can sell for more than what they’re worth. Make sure to do your research!There’s nothing worse than buying an item under the impression that is an antique, only to find out that you’ve been duped! On the flip side, you never want to sell an inauthentic antique, as it will negatively affect your status as a seller. Here at PrairieGrit, we offer several sub-categories under ‘Antiques’. From antique art to books to household products… you can find it all! Feel free to peruse the items and stake your claim on some of the cool, authentic antiques that you come across.