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Showing all 12 results should be your last stop in the hunt for unique and hard to find items. We provide original architectural antique pieces. Whether you’re looking to fix up that old house or sell the items from that demo project, our architectural category is for you. We offer many items such as chandeliers, doors, heating grates, key hole covers, lightning rods / weathervanes, sconces, signs and more. Architectural pieces usually refer to items such as cast iron sculptures, pediments, Doors, windows, fireplace mantles or any item used to decorate or build a structure or older building. There are many time periods used to help define an architectural piece including Victorian, Renaissance, Colonial / Spanish and Vernacular. Each era has a distinct style represented and is usually easy to pin point. Our virtual shelves are stocked full of those hard to find pieces any designer, builder, collector or homeowner is looking for. Check out our selection today.