PrairieGrit’s Definition for Antiques, Vintage Items and Collectibles

 There are many questions surrounding the definitions of antique, vintage and collectible.

We can’t speak for the whole world, but will speak of the definitions as they pertain to PrairieGrit.

Before we get started, we want to personally thank you for your interest with buying and selling on PrairieGrit. We are avid collectors ourselves and have been buying, selling and collecting antiques, vintage items and collectibles for many years. That’s what we are about and it will not change!


Now, for the reason you all landed on this page. What is the difference between antiques, vintage items and collectibles as it pertains to the PrairieGrit website.


  • Any item that is 100+ years of age.

Vintage Items

  • Any item that is between 25 – 100 years old.


  • Collectibles can really be anything right? Let’s face it, this word has been totally hijacked from its original use. At PrairieGrit, it has 2 meanings.
    • Any item that is 10 – 25 years old, but is very collectible. A lot of times, this can be newer items that had a short production run. E.g., The item wasn’t a market hit when it first launched, so a limited run was made. Due the the limited run, it is now worth a lot due to scarcity.
    • Any item that is 10 – 100 years old, which has a collectible value based by YOU, the market.