PrairieGrit Selling Agreement

PrairieGrit’s Authority:

  1. PrairieGrit has the sole authority to maintain this site. We also reserve the right to remove any picture, posting or item from the site at any time and for any reason, without notifying the seller. PrairieGrit is not responsible for assisting or addressing any disputes between buyers and sellers. In the event of a claim, concern, issue or dispute, the seller should communicate directly with the buyer. If the buyer and seller cannot abolish the issue, please reach out to us, and we will facilitate, where possible. PrairieGrit will investigate any situation and has the authority to refuse service to anyone, to reject any seller their membership rights and can discontinue their service at any time. We can close any account at any time.
  2. By using our services, you assure that you are not a minor or under applicable laws. additionally, you have the authority to enter legal contracts.
    1. You own the products you sell and or have the legal title to everything you present on this site.
    2. Any information you’ve provided us during registration and thereafter, including all information relating to your items for sale, whether or not live on the site, is to the best of your knowledge complete, truthful and accurate. You will also agree to:
      1. Comply with all of our site policies and honor the terms of sale.
      2. Only open accounts using your verifiable name, and allow us to check your real identity with our sole discretion.
      3. Refrain from any disruptive, unprofessional, offensive or unruly conduct while using PrairieGrit.
      4. Deal with everyone, including buyers, other sellers, and us in good faith.
      5. Do not offer any item you don’t have or have no intention on shipping, or giving to the buyer. 
  3. Our site is a marketplace (or venue) for buyers and sellers to conduct business. We are not involved in the transaction. In the event of a dispute, you hereby release PrairieGrit, Inc. from any and all claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind arising out of or in anyway connected to a dispute.