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The choice of lights and the ceiling fan play an integral role in defining the décor of your living space. A careful selection of lighting fixtures, lamps, and fans directly impacts a room’s aesthetics and functional performance. The PrairieGrit team has put together the perfect assortment of traditional & modern ceiling fans, stylish lamps & lamp shades, outdoor & indoor lighting choices, and different types of lighting accessories for your consideration.

All Ceiling Fans Are Not Created Equal
Ceiling fans are performance-driven, but homeowners and decorators are more likely to be concerned with the number of blades and the available speeds. However, every room and space in a home or property needs a different type of ceiling fan. Indoor ceiling fans with lights are often preferred as they make up for the limited space to install wall lights or ceiling lights. Fans with remotes are the preferred option of people who like smart homes that provide instant access to electrical controls of a room. Explore a vast range of ceiling fans for small, large, and even bigger rooms, including different finishes, mount type, and classical or contemporary design options. Pick a fan that complements the décor of the living room, bedroom, hallway, or balcony garden. Yes, ceiling fans are available in cottage-inspired, minimalistic, industrial, rustic, and sleek designs.

Lighting Fixtures Can Define Every Room
We have an exciting selection of lights for indoor & outdoor spaces, whether you need festive decorative lighting, integrated LED lights, shower lights, or task lighting. Installing earthy, textured fabric or lavish wall scone lights can infuse fresh energy into your home. Recessed lighting is preferred in the study room, home-based working spaces, and commercial environments that need longer-lasting energy-saving lighting solutions. Chandeliers can be grand, becoming the focal point of the guest room. With its ease of installation and materials ranging from crystals, textiles, wooden textures, and steel to metal and glass, flush mount lighting provides an easy solution whether you want to improve vision or reading in a room or refresh the living area with a quick makeover. We can help you choose from industrial or glamorous lighting fixtures, guiding you on whether cluster, bell shape, square, or empire-style lights are more suitable for a room’s décor. Vanity light trends can change quickly, but their utility is unquestioned – versatile to the core, vanity lighting can spruce the look of the smallest bathroom or powder room. Pendant lights can be excellent to make the kitchen island more inviting or create a small reading nook. When conventional lighting fixtures don’t work, consider track lighting – high in conserving space and delivering illumination around the most challenging spots, they can be aesthetically appealing and are a home designer’s delight for custom lighting solutions.

Lamps Do More than Lighting Up your Home
A lamp is about personalizing a room. Every part of the lamp, its placement on the study table or the entryway table, the texture & colour of lamp shades used in the living room or dining room, and the choice of modern or transitional style lamps, every bit about a lamp says a lot about your preferences. Carefully picked lights can add to the warmth and coziness in a bedroom while they can beautifully complement & complete the colour scheme of the guestroom. We offer a complete selection of lamps for every need, ranging from the workbench to the bedside table. Explore adjustable, discreet lights that help to catch up with your favorite book during the late hours or smarter, dimmable lamps. Choose from single, majestic lamps to bohemian lamp shades and modern lamps that offer a choice of materials—metal, ceramic, wooden, aluminum, and iron. We continue to build our collection of handpicked lamps with a mid-century or retro appeal, those inspired by vintage creations and lampshades in geometric or lantern shapes. Choose lights closer to reflecting your sense of style or a lamp set perfect as a thoughtful gift at a housewarming party.