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Welcome to the ‘Arts &amp, Crafts’ category! Are you a hobbyist who wants to make a little extra money? At PrairieGrit, we give you a venue to do just that! We make it simple for you to transfer your Etsy store directly to your PrairieGrit account and upload all of your handcrafted, unique items! Since the beginning of the Arts and Crafts Movement– which originated in the late 19th century– ‘handcrafted’ has been the name of the game. It sparked the creativity of a generation, and throughout the entire 20th century many craft makers and designers carried the torch of anti-industrialism. The appeal of having something handmade over something produced in a factory was the reason many artists participated in this movement. And now, in the 21st century, it’s hard to imagine life without the intricacies of arts and crafts. Our homes would be bland, our schools would be dreary, and our workplaces would have no color! Arts and crafts have always been on the forefront of decoration. Speaking of decoration, have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own handmade decor in the homes of people across the country? This is what PrairieGrit is all about. We want to create complete access to arts and crafts in the midwest region for people all over the country! We believe that this region has a unique culture displayed through the handcrafted materials of its citizens, and why not share that with the rest of the world? Let’s take your hobby and transform it into a profit-turning online store! Under our ‘Arts &amp, Crafts’ category, we have the ‘Handmade Products’ and ‘Crafts and Supplies’ sub-categories. Having already described the significance of handmade products, let’s delve into the latter. As PrairieGrit specializes in antiques and collectibles, we have some cross-pollination of those categories within ‘Arts &amp, Crafts’. That can mostly be seen within the supplies sub-category, because supplies and tools that have a rich history can be sold to craft makers who want their items to look vintage! In this day and age, it is part of the style of household decor to look a little worn down and vintage. So take out your crochet needles and get to work! Whittle your way into a successful online store! Don’t forget, we are here to help you along and answer any questions you have on your journey. Buckle down and have fun exploring the ‘Arts &amp, Crafts’ section of PrairieGrit.