How To Ship Large Items Sold On PrairieGrit

Shipping large items such as furniture, cabinets, dressers, etc., can often be a huge hassle! In this article we will try and pass on some information to help you with this task, as well as save you a few bucks.

First of all, when you are preparing to list an item, choose the “flat rate” option for your shipping information. Having your shipping costs at a flat rate mean it will not vary depending on your buyer’s location. This being said, we’ve been asked several times what we have found the most cost efficient shipping service to be. Here is a quick link to the Fastenal 3PL shipper service quote page.

Fastenal is a licensed common carrier, and their maximum payout for a large crate or item is $250! That is an incredible rate when compared to Fed-Ex or UPS. There is one catch, however– the seller will have to drop it off at the Fastenal store, and the buyer will have to pick it up at the Fastenal closest to them. That’s a small catch for a price that is 1/16 of competing carriers! Most buyers are more than willing to pick up a large item if it means saving them that much money.  Just measure and weigh your item beforehand to get a quote from the website linked above.

There you have it! Now feel free to ship that antique table 1000 miles and rest assured that it’s the most affordable and reliable way. Happy shipping!

Video describing an item we shipped from North Dakota to Massachusetts. Check it out.