Turn $1000 Into $5000 By Flipping Inventory At Live Auctions

Take a walk with PrairieGrit as we show you the best methods for holding a successful live auction.

If you’re anything like us, you have mass amounts of stagnant inventory laying around collecting dust. One way to get rid of this dusty inventory is holding a live auction to flip it quick. Take a journey with PrairieGrit’s founder & CEO – Shawn Herrick, as he takes his $1000 of inventory and flips it into $5000 in a few hours.Once a year, PrairieGrit’s inventory is liquidated at a live auction in order to move stagnant products to make room in the warehouse.

Shawn expresses the importance of centrally locating the auction in North Dakota in order to make capture interest of collectors in all major populations. He also explains how important it is to advertise on platforms such as Facebook, AuctionZip, MidwestAuctions, Craigslist and Bisman. If you choose the best date, centrally locate + add the right mix of advertising, you will draw a large crowd of serious bidders. Watch the video below to take a trip with Shawn on his March, 30th 2019 auction ventures.


Join us as Shawn rocks a live auction:



This infographic quickly explains how to properly set up and advertise a live auction to flip your stagnant inventory into cold cash.