1st Month Free (up to 10 listings)

 eBay / Etsy Listing Importer

Monthly Subscription Level # Listings
$19.99 (1st month free) Dabbler 10
$49.99 Hobby Junker 40
$69.99 Junker 80
$99.99 Wheeler Dealer 150
$159.99 Certified Picker 750
$199.99 Junk Drunk Unlimited

Total Cost = Subscription + 3.0% Transaction Fee

We offer very competitive pricing to ensure you have the best marketplace experience on the web.


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We don’t believe in nickel and diming people, so we’ve created a competitive subscription pricing model.

One cost per month for all our tools and advertising.



10 Listings (1st month free)

As low as $2.00 per listing.

Hobby Junker


40 Listings

As low as $1.25 per listing.



80 Listings

As low as $0.87 per listing.

Wheeler Dealer


150 Listings

As low as $0.67 per listing.

Certified Picker


750 Listings

As low as $0.21 per listing.

Junk Drunk


Unlimited listings.

Processing Fees

3% + $0.30

Payment Processing


Transaction Fee


Shipping Label

Ebay and Ruby Lane Price Comparison

PrairieGrit Vs. Ebay



Store Fees / mo
$19.99 - $199.99 (1 - Unlimited Listings)
$24.99 - $349.99 (1 - 10,000 Listings)
Unlimited Listings / mo
$199.99 / mo
No unlimited listings option
Sold Item Fees
10% (Sell $8000 per month, pay $800)
Listing Fees / mo
$.30 after free listings are used
Listing Fees For 1-3 Day Duration
Gallery Images / listing
$.35 - $2.00

PrairieGrit Vs. Ruby Lane


Ruby Lane

Store Fees / mo
$19.99 - $199.99 (1 - Unlimited Listings)
Sold Item Fees
Listing Fees
$.01 - $.30 after free listings
Additional One Time Listing Fee
One Time Store Setup Fee

Our tools help you manage, promote and grow your business.

Listing Import Tools


Easily import your eBay and Etsy listings.

Make sure to check it out in your seller dashboard.

Advertising Platforms

At PrairieGrit we’re not just into antiques and collectibles, we’re also tech savvy digital marketers with vast experience in digital advertising.

All you have to do is list your item and we take care of the rest.

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You’re only moments away from listing an item. Here’s what’s next.

  1. Create a seller account.
  2. Click the big red “List an Item” button,
    or click the “Import Listings” tab for eBay and Etsy import tools.
  3. Fill out listing details, shipping options, and add images.
  4. Click “List Item”.

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