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Buying ceiling fans has never been so interesting. Not just a means to ventilate the room or circulate cool air in the room, a ceiling fan is vital to a room’s overall appeal. Widely divided between indoor and outdoor ceiling fans, the equipment comes with multiple features that you should consider. Energy-efficient fans can help to reduce your bills while those with integrated lighting can help to add more ceiling-level lighting without installing more wall scones or wall-mounted lights. PrairieGrit brings together all ceiling fan styles, shapes, and designs under one roof, ensuring you can easily buy ceiling fans online. You can also find installation kits, ceiling fan remotes, switches, and other accessories.

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Smart home-enabled ceiling fans with remotes might be the rage among many homeowners but the demand for classically styled fans remains strong. Whether you choose 5-blade fans or those with a minimal, industrial design, invest some time into the buying process. Such equipment is meant to last for a long time. Your living room can get an instant upgrade with the inclusion of new ceiling fans, but they should be matched with the room’s décor. While bronze, white, and black might be the conventional color choice, there is every reason to consider fans in a chrome, steel, nickel, ceramic, or wooden finish. Fans meant for outdoor spaces like the deck or patio should have higher resistance to the elements, and the ability to perform against high humidity or heat.

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Flush-mounted fans are more apt for the bedroom, also useful in a home office setting or the family room. Down-rod fans are more versatile and are often spotted in bigger living rooms. Low-profile fans are often chosen for their aesthetics rather than superior performance. Home design experts recommend angled fans for lofted and vaulted ceilings. The choice of color has a big impact on creating a bold color contrast or further boosting the existing color scheme in the room. It might be a good idea to pick ceiling fans in a finishing/color that complements the choice of lighting fixtures. Rooms with more sunlight exposure might need fans that are meant to be used throughout the day and can be trusted to circulate more air. The PrairieGrit team can help you make smarter ceiling fan decisions, ensuring you get the most relevant fan for your setting without worrying about the billing, transit, or delivery period.