Shipping Taxidermy – How To Properly Crate & Ship Taxidermy Mounts


Reselling taxidermy items can be very lucrative if done right. There is nothing better than hitting up an auction or rummage sale and picking up a nice animal mount for a few dollars and flipping it online for 1000% profit. This stroke of good luck comes with the responsibility of properly crating and shipping the mounts. Buyers look to us as the experts in this area, and since we are, we need to ship professionally. With that said, it simply takes a little time and effort to do properly. 

Make sure to find the right size boxes. Double box!! Also, use brown packing material, but when applying around the fish, leave plenty of space so fragile parts, like fins, are free. Tape the double boxes together, slap some fragile tags and the shipping label on the box and you’re ready to ship. 


Shipping Taxidermy – How To Properly Crate & Ship