How To Know If You Have a Collectible Flange Sign

A flange sign is also known as a projecting sign as it is made to stick out perpendicular from a building or architectural support. The flange refers to the type of connection that holds the sign to a post or wall.

 These signs are generally double sided and can be of high value and interest to collectors as they were only made for businesses and were historically used to advertise for oil and gas companies, utility companies, and other well established chains that are usually of a collectible subject mater. Most flange signs were made using enamel or screened paint due to the high demand from the market requiring mass production process to be used. More modern signs are almost always made with reflective screened paint or vinyl overlays.

Example of a collectible flange sign:

Notice the flange on the left side. This would be used to nail or screw into a business store front wall.


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