How To Properly Optimize Your Store Page On PrairieGrit

Optimizing your store page on PrairieGrit is quick and should only take a few minutes. Keep in mind, the better you optimize your store page, the more items you will sell. Check out the video!

To start optimizing your page, first go into the “Settings” tab. Here are a few of the tasks you will want to do in order to optimize your page:

1.) Create a banner – Make sure the picture you choose is a good representation of your business, and is cropped to look good in the wider banner format. Sometimes all it takes for a potential customer to click away is a pix-elated banner on your store.  

2.) Load a profile picture – Make sure your profile picture is one that will make a customer say, “I can trust this person”. First impressions are key when it comes to buyers who are just skimming your store page to see if you are a legitimate seller.

3.) Type in your information – The more information you put into your profile, the more the buyer will be able to trust you. 

4.) Take a moment to look over your store page so that you can see exactly what your customers are seeing. This is a good way to catch any errors!

5.) Update social profile – Copy and past links to your social media pages on your store page. 

If you have any more questions on how to optimize your store page, feel free to contact us.