Vintage Unmarked Resin Mouse on Acorn Pin Brooch


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Vintage Unmarked 
Resin Mouse on Acorn Pin Brooch
Condition: This pin is in like new condition with only some.very light wear to the high areas of the acorn cap.   Be sure and check the photos as they are an integral part of the description and do a much better job of actually showing condition issues rather than what I can explain through the use of the written word.  Feel free to ask questions.  

Measurements:  2 5/16″ tall, 1″ wide 
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Disclaimer:   Photographs with a ruler are there to show scale only and usually will not show exact 
measurements due to the fact that the measurements on a ruler start 1/16″ into the wood, and the ruler 
and the item being different lengths away from the camera lens also creates a perspective issue.
Note: Because of the way computers and cell phones are set to interpret colors that show on their monitors, and because of people’s perceptions of color descriptions,  the colors you see on your screen may not be exactly the colors you will get but might appear a bit darker or lighter, or a shade or two different.  I always do
my best to show colors as close to reality as I can get them, but keep that in mind when you make your orders as, although I will accept returns for any reason, I WILL NOT accept a small difference in color shades as a valid reason for a ‘not as described’ claim so that you can save on shipping.  Of course, if I say that something is black and it turns out to be red when you get it, then obviously the fault is mine and the ‘not as described’ claim will be accepted.
If you need to have a perfect match and can send a fabric swatch or paint chip, or something else that you have that shows the exact color that you need, I will be happy to hold the item you are thinking of purchasing so that you can send me your swatch or whatever for me to use to check for a match.   I can photograph the item next to the color sample that you send and you can make your final decision as to whether you want to purchase from that.

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the item has not yet been shipped if it is within my four-day shipping window.   If you do need your item in a hurry, just tell me.  

Apology:   I have a cloudy area on the inside of my camera lens that is affecting my photos especially in the lower left quarter of the pictures.  I’m saving up for a new camera but until I can get the new camera I am saving up for, my photos won’t be top quality.    

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I do accept returns for "not as discribed" items with one exception. Because of the variance of color shades due to lighting issues and the perceptions of different web browsers I will no longer accept an "it was not the right shade of color" as a valid reason for a "not as discribed" return. If you need to match something you already have I will work with you to see if my item is the same color shade that you need. Just send me a color swatch through the mail that is the exact color you need. I will photograph that swatch next to my item and you can make your decision from there. Of course, if I say something is blue and it turns out to be red, of course I will honor a 'not as described' claim I will refund shipping for valid "not as described' claims. To get a full refund, the item in question must be sent back to me unless I state differently. Shipping will be paid by the buyer for all returns with the exception of a verified 'not as described' claim.