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Shaving, vanity & perfume has always been a form of personal statement and fashion. For some of us, we wish our genes weren’t as close to our primal relatives and in that case, shaving equipment came to save us from our natural coats. Brushes, razors, mirrors, kits, vanities, perfume and boxes can be found here. There could be some pretty neat bottles of original after shave; the kind that leaves a warm stinging feeling on your face with an original musk that will flock one generation and drive the next away. Find all the biggest names in the shaving game like Gillette, Philips’-Norelco, Remington and Schick, all of which were founded prior to 1930. If you are new to this type of collecting, we suggest that you do some research to find out what shaving era you belong in. In a few weeks time, you could be rocking a sweet carnie mustache.