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Welcome to the ‘Collectibles’ category! At PrairieGrit we view collecting as an art, and there is no limit on ways to express it. There are countless things which you can collect, ranging from signs, to plates, to soda pop advertising crates, etc. The possibilities are endless! Join us in diving head first into the adventure of collecting, and hopefully you will learn something new along the way. A collectible is an item that is sought after and deemed valuable by– you guessed it– collectors. Usually an item that is given the title ‘collectible’ is part of a larger set. This is why collectors will often pay an arm and a leg for something you might not think is worth very much! They might be seeking out every last Star Trek figurine made in 1971, and you might just happen to have the Spock they’re looking for. It can be difficult to find the right price for an item you are trying to sell, as it really comes down to finding that person who needs the item to complete their set, and determining what they would be willing to pay for it. Collectibles don’t necessarily always need to be a part of a set, however. They can be included in a much larger genre of items, and can be valued highly simply for their aesthetic appearance! For example, collectible advertising is a huge venue for buying and selling collectibles. Have you ever found an old Coca-Cola crate sitting around in your grandpa’s attic while you were cleaning it out? Well, me neither, but it seems like the kind of place where you could find something like that. Maybe instead of throwing away that old advertising crate, you could sell it online and make a quick fifty bucks! Advertising has been the name of the game for over a century now, and your grandpa’s old, dusty crate could be worth quite a bit of money. Do you think an old Maxwell House Instant Coffee jar from the 1950’s could sell for a profit just ten years later? Of course not, but now some hipster from Southern California will buy one for twenty bucks just because it looks cool. Here’s the point: In the past, buying and selling collectibles has been a task suited to people invested in specific merchandise. These people would need to know a lot of information about their favorite items in order to buy or sell them. In 2018, however, we are able to instantly research anything. The art of collecting has expanded to the college student who can barely make rent, and you can learn to make a profit from it to boot! Here at PrairieGrit, our goal is to increase the accessibility of buying and selling collectibles to those who have never done it before! Take a risk and buy that item you’re eyeing at a garage sale. Via our online marketplace, you might just find the collector who’s been looking for that very thing!