Seller may accept or dispute the return. If the seller disputes the return, the buyer should reach out to PayPal to abolish the dispute. PayPal protects any sale that is ran through this site. Once a Return has been ratified by either PayPal or the seller, the buyer is responsible for furnishing the shipping label and shipping the item direclty to Seller. Once Seller has received the Item and confirms that the Item has not been damaged, Seller will issue Buyer a refund through the Service. You acknowledge and agree that PrairieGrit is unable to issue a refund directly, and in the event that a Seller does not issue a refund as required, PrairieGrit explicitly disclaims all liability with regard to such refund. In the case of a seller receiving the item back damaged, they should reach out to PayPal for facilitation. They are open round the clock to ensure a seamless transaction.