Cost to Sell on PrairieGrit

Mission Statement:

PrairieGrit’s main mission is to ensure you have the best marketplace experience on the web. For that reason, we only charge a subscription fee monthly. View the cost breakdown below. 


PrairieGrit Fees:

Store Tiers

    1. Launch: 10% fee (ONLY when item sells) – List unlimited listings per month
    2. Dabbler: $25 (1st month free) – list up to 150 items per month
    3. Hobbyist: $75 (1st month free) list up to 450 items per month
    4. Certified Picker: $150 (1st month free) list up to 1000 items per month
    5. Junk Drunk: $250 (1st month free) – list unlimited listings per month

Subscriptions will automatically renew every 30 days from the first day you subscribed.

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